Welcome to NPR’s brand spankin’ new science tumblr. Here, we’ll be sharing animations, explanatory videos, illustrations, science gifs, extras from radio stories, dispatches from the intersection of science and culture, home-made lava recipes, underwater operas, and fascinating graphs hastily scrawled on napkins. Some posts will come directly from NPR’s science coverage, some will come from the incredible bounty of the internet, and some, hopefully, will come from YOU.

A note about our (odd) name: Skunk bear is a nickname for the wolverine. It climbed to the top of the list of possible names with all the ferocious strength of the world’s largest terrestrial mustelid. Wolverines are known for their voracious appetites - they consume everything from voles to caribou.  And … here comes the connection … this tumblr is a place for you to consume a diverse feast of science stories, ideas and images.

- Adam